About this Project

Blue Steel’s containerised MBR wastewater treatment plants are the best-suited solution for remote installations in Africa with the plant’s robust design and manufactured for “plug and play” installation; for easy site integration and fast commissioning. The plant operation is automated and controlled by a PLC. Any operator process input is done via the panel-mounted touchscreen HMI (human-machine interface). We are able to provide operational assistance to the client via the built-in remote monitoring and control.

The containerised WWTP’s treat domestic, bakery, butchery, delicatessen and restaurants effluents to General limits. 18 m3/day to 35 m3/day plants are typically designed, manufactured, transported, installed and commissioned in six (6) months. Treated water from the plants is generally used for non-potable water use and irrigation around the area the plants service. 

Effluent  Water Treatment Plants