Water Purification Solutions

Blue Steel Water offers a range high quality, durable water filtration systems for home and commercial or industrial use.

Home Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis Systems

A water purification method using pressure to remove impurities through a semipermeable membrane.

Home Water Filtration Systems

Machines designed to rid water of impurities, contaminants, and particles for safer consumption.

Home UV Filtration Systems

Filtration systems utilizing ultraviolet light to disinfect water by neutralizing pathogens.

Water Softener Systems

Devices that eliminate minerals like calcium and magnesium from water, enhancing its quality.

Water Filters & Consumables

Replaceable components within filtration systems, tasked with trapping and removing impurities.

Commercial & Industrial Water Filtration

Industrial RO Systems

Reliable, efficient industrial RO systems from Blue Steel Water ensure pure, safe water for various industries.

Effluent Water Treatment Plants

Advanced wastewater and effluent treatment plants for effective, eco-friendly water purification and reuse.

Containerised Treatment Plants

Containerised water treatment plants for dependable, portable, and efficient water purification anywhere.

Industrial Water Softener Systems

Our industrial water softening systems provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for hard water problems.