Containerised Solutions

Blue Steel Water Treatment offers a comprehensive range of containerised water treatment solutions. Ours systems are in wide use all over the African continent in a number of different applications.

All available treatment processes are offered as a containerised option including:

  • Reverse Osmosis systems.
  • Desalination systems.
  • Ultra Filtration systems.
  • Conventional filtration systems.
  • Complete turnkey treatment plants involving a number of processes.

Both 6 meter and 12 meter containers are used, which are refurbished and fitted with windows, doors, lighting, power points and air conditioning. Optional insulated panelling is also available for interior insulation.

All our water treatment solutions are custom designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements and treat the specific problem at hand. Blue Steel Water Treatment looks forward to offering you one our quality containerised water treatment solutions.

Some of the many benefits of containerised systems are:

  • Quick and easy onsite installation.
  • No need to construct specialised and costly plant rooms.
  • Easy and safe transport of equipment to site.
  • Lockable and tamper proof.
  • Can be moved to a different location if needed.
  • Flow rates are easily expandable by the addition of containers.
  • Makes for easy installation of remote water treatment facilities.

For more information on our range of containerised solutions download the data sheet below.